About Faviconer.com

Faviconer.com is an online tool for creating small 16x16 Favicons (favorite icons) images and 32x32 (retina favicon icons), packed into one .ICO file. Having a multi-resolution favicon, you can be sure that your favicon is retina ready (HD favicon).
You may ask, why do I need a favicon image? Here is why:

  • Favicon makes your site more unique, stand out your website among other sites that do not have time to get the icon.
  • This small icon image is an important part of the brand. Note, that all respectful websites already have their own favicons, make yours to look more professional.
  • As you can see, favicon image displayed on browser tab and bookmark list, which again draws the attention of the user to your site.
  • Some technical stuff: Favicon.ico keep your error logs clean. Some browsers ask for this file, even if it is not specified in the HTML code, so the server have to refer for "404 Not Found" in the logs if there is no favicon.ico

As you can see, there are many advantages to have Favicon icon. Use our tool to create your custom favicon.

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Faviconer Tips and Ideas

Why should I use ICO's instead of PNG's or GIF's?

There are many doubts about using PNG as more common image format for your icons. Please note, that you should avoid all other graphic formats and choose .ico instead. Here is the main reasons:

  • - ICO will be displayed correctly in all browsers.
  • - ICO supports multiple resolutions, the same as other graphic formats.
  • - ICO allows you to use alpha channel, so there is no advantage to use PNG instead.
  • - ICO allows multiple resolution in one file (16x16 and 32x32 for example). So the icon stay nice when you create a shortcut on a desktop.
  • - ICO helps you to avoid a 404 server errors.
  • - ICO has smaller size than the same PNG or GIF

We suggest you to avoid PNG or GIF in any case, if you want reliable browser compatibility.