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What is icon maker? (like one of these tools) is a free online tool which helps you to edit, create or convert icons from scratch or from any graphic image available. You can import .GIF, .PNG, .JPEG, .BMP, etc. and create the final .ICO format with anti-aliasing filter.

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*.ICO free online icon maker, or ico editor

Icons are very important as part of the visual identity of a website, tool or other software we use. It is also important as shorthand for users, as a part of the brand and UI (user interface). This online ico maker can help you to create your own *.ICO file!

Just like desktop solutions, Faviconer is designed to create icons on the fly.
Select the right image, click convert and download final result.

Using Faviconer online favicon maker you can generate emotion icons (emoticons), avatars and object icons. We are always working and trying to improve this online tool. Here is a couple of new features, we are working on:

  • ICO maker online from svg to ico
  • Extracting icons from numerous file formats
  • Ico editor for iPhone and iPad
  • Feature to generate icons with different image sizes.

What you should keep in mind while using online ico maker:

Tips how to create attractive icons.
  • Try to focus on simplicity. Your icon should tell users what you do and who you are.
  • Use illustrative or realistic style, but notice that Icons are symbolic images and not the photo.
  • Try to create something professional and beautiful. Spend some time on ico editor to make something you like.
  • Pay more attention to details and find optimal balance.
  • Use perspective to emulate 3d icons.

P.S: If you're experiencing any problems while using Faviconer icon maker, we highly recommend you to switch to the latest version of Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome browser.