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Favicon.ICO file specification

  • Extension: .ico
  • Dimensions: 16x16 pixels
  • Type: icon file format
  • Content: BMP or PNG image
  • Color depth: 8-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit

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What is a favicon or website icon? If even once you bookmarked a page in the browser, you probably have seen a small icon next to the address of the site. This is a favicon (short for Shortcut icon or Favorite Icon). By default, any browser displays its own default icon. Nevertheless, when the company dreams of singularity and some novelty of their web resource, with no doubts that company should make website icon, which looks elegant and professional. Users will remember it and easily find in the browser's bookmarks later.

When you create ico and use it, it will hold the user's attention on the link to your website, which is why the minimized version of a company logo is usually taken (logo png file) to convert to ico. Icon increases the site popularity.

To create or convert ico files, you can use any icon editor. Besides, you are welcome to use the plug-in to Photoshop Icon Factory, which lets you create a favicon from prepared images. The end name of the file should be only favicon.ico.

Adding icon to your site is a simple process. Some people prefer to use graphical editors, like Gimp, Photoshop, but it requires downloading of additional plugins, which sometimes is not convenient. is an online tool for creating icons, which is made for free. You can draw icon pixel by pixel, or use any kind of image to convert to the ICO icon. In fact, it does not matter if you can not draw website icon. In a pinch, you can just draw the first letter of the name of your site and place it on some fancy color background, making it more or less artistically. Very frequently, it is used a logo of the company, first letter or just some unique designed company sign.

A size of any icon should be 16x16 pixels wide. It can be difficult to draw anything in a such very tiny square. You should keep in mind that when you upload big image, the script will convert it to the icon and with a decrease in the finished picture all the small details will be lost.