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What is converter to ico?

Simply, this is the tool which helps you to convert image from one extension to another.

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How the ICO converter works?

Nowadays modern browsers support gif and png favicon formats. But this is still strongly recommended to convert favicon to the proper .ICO file format. There is no need to download and install desktop software or Photoshop plugins. All you need is to choose a picture that you would like to see as favicon for your website and upload it to Within seconds you will be provided ready icon to download and further use. works as png ico converter and can be used as converter jpg ico files. It will take image you've uploaded and place it inside the ICO file container. While converting, proportional relationship between the image width and height is not preserved, so it's better to upload a square image, like (16x16, 250x250). Thus, you keep its proportion after resizing. If you do care about your icon quality the good thing to do first is to resize your original image and prepare a small 16x16 image, using any graphic software. Only after you can convert it to the ICO without loss of quality.

Currently, we support the following file conversion ways:

  • from png to ico
  • from jpg to ico
  • from jpeg to ico
  • from gif to ico

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